Why bother?

Why are we here? To flourish, wrote Aristotle.

This helps make life a bit simpler. Why would you do something that leads you away from your destiny?

Epic poems where heroes seek to flourish:

  • The Odyssey (excerpt) by Homer, trans. Emily Wilson. The journey of a warrior family’s dangerous path to reunite and reintegrate after a long war. (Hint: One reason this poem has been kept around is because the heroes challenges represent real life challenges in a veteran’s journey and a military caregiver’s journey It wasn’t about just getting home, it was about who you became in getting home.)
  • The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (links to full poem at the Poetry Foundation) Consider the masterful book about this poem, Mariner, by Malcolm Guite.

Short poems to support you setting a positive purpose (even in tough times):

Essays about poems that help us remember we may have more choice than we think we do:

Military friends flourishing on a hot July day near Ft. Bragg. This site’s curator was once one of those kids and enjoys their friendship.

Other resources about how humans establish and move towards positive purpose even amidst the unbearable and irreversible.

Purposeful living even in the face of great challenges:

Positive purpose authors

Please note: Many of the above humans are also great reconcilers. Reconciliation does not mean being in a relationship with a person who is abusive, pathological, or otherwise harmful. The purpose of relationships are to help a community flourish.

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