A Sonnet for Courageous Leaders

My overcome soul mutters, “Just human,”
When registering God-awful treatment.
At such sad times, we are a communion
Of cowards who fail to meet the moment.
But let us not besmirch our great humans
Who are–to a one–“only human” too.
The light they shine lifts our eyes from ruins
To a better path for me and for you.
To move from feeling overcome to 
The actual overcoming we must
Stop making excuses for humans who 
Douse democracy’s light and betray our trust.
Look to Navalny, Barber, Brown, and Vindman.
And claim the courage to be “just human.”
-Allegra Jordan, 2021

PS: We have many great humans today changing our world, not those just listed here. In this poem, I elevate four whose courage I admire: Alexei Nalvany of Russia, William J Barber II of the Poor People’s Campaign, LaTosha Brown of Black Voters Matter, and Alexander Vindman who told the truth.

PSS: You don’t have to be the leader, but you do need to help the leaders out. After all someone’s gotta be “We, the People.” That’s us!

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