In praise of the team charter

As I do not know what my new teammates
Believe to be permissible at work.
I’ll need to get some answers. What motivates
This? Scars, bruises. I’ll get more if I shirk
The setting of our team’s boundary lines.
As I’m no mind-reader I’ll need to ask
What’s our mission? Whose on the team? What signs
Will show us a disagreeable task
Must be promptly handled? And how will we
Resolve the inevitable disputes?
Do set agreements before it gets ugly.
Charters create for your team sturdy roots
And if your team has a healthy base
Then work can be a much better place.
-Allegra Jordan, 2019

Team Charter Sample from Professor Theodore Ryan, Ph.D
Team members:
What major tasks need to be done? (E.g resolve conflict, set meetings, etc.)
How will we do these tasks?
What are our team values? Give two concrete examples of each value in action.

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