I see the assassins have failed

I see the assassins have failed

“Good morning. I see the assassins have failed:”
Now that’s a funny quote to put on mugs.
But yes. Yes they failed. They may have impaled
My wallet. Where I sought love, they sent thugs.
But my deepest soul was not seized.
I ran and hid and ducked and I don’t know why
My soul survived and was not diseased
By death. Why not give up and say good-bye
To life’s crash-course in letting go? But I
Am here. Somehow the “Yes” inside of me
Never became a final “No.” Why–
I cannot say. It’s a real mystery.
But I’m thankful that today I’ve a “Yes”
To continue my life’s work-in-progress.
-Allegra Jordan, 2019

Photo at the Museum of Modern art “Time is out of Joint” exhibit in Rome, 2019.

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